Nothing can escape a black hole. Even light cannot get past the gravitational pull of these monster pits. In such a case, is it possible for you to survive going through a black hole?

 The answer to this question may surprise many.

If you choose the right black hole and you have a lot of luck, maybe there is a chance you can survive it, but no one will ever know about it since nothing can escape the black hole.

Bigger black holes have a weaker gravitational pull. So, if you choose the right one to cruise by, it is possible that you might not get through spaghettification, a process that pulls your body apart in a messy way.

But before you enter the ‘event horizon’, the point of no return, say your goodbyes to everyone. Some black holes have an electromagnetic charge and may create a second layer called the ‘Cauchy horizon’. Once you get past the event horizon, you may face the ‘Cauchy horizon’. Scientists believe the governing principles of thought and logic may not exist beyond this point and even the laws of physics no longer apply. There is a good chance gravity of the blackhole will stretch you to death.

But if you survive that by some miracle, ‘you’ do not exist anymore. To be more precise, you become a part of the singularity that lies behind that deep unknown.

If you have a spaceship that is fast enough to get past the Cauchy horizon, you might survive it. There is a possibility that you would be separate from reality at that point.

If you manage to get past a black hole, your past no longer exists and you may have multiple futures. Strangely, all of these are mathematical possibilities and not deep space science fiction.