VR Porn Has Significant Effect on Brain Activity

Virtual reality has a lot to offer as far as technology is concerned. Whether it is via applications, interactive videos and games, the possibilities are endless. You also have the latest VR porn movies which are completely changing how people look at pornography.


It is by far one of the most titillating and engrossing ways to view sexually explicit content. Unlike traditional porn viewing, virtual reality changes many aspects of it. First of all, the way a person will feel when they are watching virtual reality porn videos is unlike anything experienced before. The characters in front of them will seem like they are available for the touching and grabbing. That means female pornstars and they body parts appear there for the taking.

Viewers will feel as though they can literally kiss and touch the performers in front of their eyes. In addition to this engrossing experience, you have the HD, 4K and even higher quality of the movies. Add 360-degrees capability, binaural sound and 180-POV and it gets better. Clearly virtual reality porno can be compared to porn on steroids. It is that much more immersive, realistic and addicting. That may be where the problems come in. Since VR is still new in many ways, no one really knows what effects it has on the brain. More importantly, what long-term effects will come from watching too much of it.

Regular porn and its addiction has already been scrutinized and proven to cause serious health hazards to people. The same for psychological problems and issues in people’s relationships. Granted there are some who argue that there are good things to get out of watching porn. But that view is or can never be applied to individuals who are addicted to pornography. Once you become dependent upon porno, all things change; and ultimately for the worse for people.

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One of the biggest names in virtual reality porno movies is a company called Badoink VR. They have some of the best virtual reality adult movies available. The top rated adult film company is also one of the biggest in VR porn production. Perhaps that may be why they are partnering with another company to learn more about how VR porn can affect the human brain. BadoinkVR and a firm called Neurons are working together to find all of this out. Neurons is a neuroscience research company based out of Denmark.

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For some time now, Neurons has been trying to see how human bodies and brains react to VR porn. What emotions, inhibitions, sexual desires, fantasies and other things are evoked when users view VR smut? Those are just some of the questions that the company and others want to know. Of course for BadoinkVR, it is mostly about money and marketing. Their ultimate goal is trying to see what certain things arouse people more than others. They want to give viewers the best satisfaction possible when they watch pornstars in a VR porn movie. Although it is still too early to tell what effects VR porn is having on human brains, one thing is clear. Virtual reality is by far the most immersive, realistic and satisfying way to view porn these days.